Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services


We consistently perform internal audits on licenses, backup images, hardware and a variety of other technical components. We also manage the process if a third-party vendor (ie. Microsoft) requires an audit.

Storage to Backup

We help you determine appropriate storage and backup strategy, whether it be on- premise, all cloud or a hybrid of the two. We want you comfortable in accessing your data when and where you need it.

Regular Onsite Support

We are unique in that we support regular in-person interaction between your employees and our service engineers. It is important that we keep eyes on your system to ensure it is healthy and your business runs smoothly.

Personalized Help Desk

For the times our service engineers are not on-site or you prefer a remote solution, someone is available 24/7 to support you.

Disaster Recovery

Should natural disasters, human error or other threats affect your data, we implement a recovery system. Part of our initial assessment is determining what is important to you and how we can best protect and recover from that.

Security Management

After consulting with you and learning your areas of concern, we employ a highly customizable security suite to protect what is most important to you. We develop specific technical and organizational processes focused on maintaining the integrity of your organization’s vital assets, information, data and services.

Onsite Executive Home Support

We are a family-first company and we know IT is as important to you at home as it is at the office. We offer onsite or remote services to your and employees’ home devices as well. From Sonos to Nest we are here to support that as well.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Our engineers are always monitoring your servers and are the first line of defense against virtual nonsense. They are watching your network storage devices; internet circuit connectivity; software agents; workstations; laptops and local area network connectivity equipment. To ensure the safety of your data, we establish proper alerting applications and protocols in order to prevent anything that threatens your productivity.