We are the warriors that protect your business from SPAM, Phishing and other time-wasting nonsense. We secure your valuable data by designing virtual fortresses that keep it safe yet accessible when and where you need it. And we are here, monitoring your network every moment of everyday. Live and local, our engineers are in your office and on the phone whenever you need us. We are Los Angeles’  IT Managed Service Provider at your service.

Los Angeles IT Managed Service Provider - Generation IX

How We Can Help

Comprehensive Technology Service

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you need yet. Just know we are here to design unique-to-you technology systems that allow your business to run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

IT Support 24/7

New Year’s Eve. 2am. Monday morning before the coffee is ready. When we say our engineers are ready to support you 24/7, we mean it.

Transparent Cost Plans

We promise your package pricing is all out there from the get-go. We will never surprise you with hidden fees or unnecessary upgrades or services. You work hard for your money and we will never take advantage of that.

Our Services


Onsite Support

We set ourselves apart by sending actual humans to your business for regular updates, support and guidance. They promise not to drink all the coffee

Security Management

You deserve to know all of your hard work is safe. Consider us your data’s bodyguards.

Cloud Solutions

The Cloud can be confusing. We help you navigate what can be stored “up there” and what can be backed up on-site.

24/7 Monitoring

We are here to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or odd in your network.

Mobile Device Management

Your dreams are big, but your phone is small. Losing it can have traumatic effects on your security and productivity. We create a plan to protect your data in case it’s not under the couch.

Application Services

These days, there’s an App for everything. We show you which will benefit your operations and which can take early retirement.

IT Consulting

We start each relationship with a full assessment of your network infrastructure to show you what is working and what we can help make better, faster and stronger.

Project Planning

We are the “eye in the sky” for your IT projects. Let us maintain a big picture view so you can focus on the fun stuff like your customers and breakroom cake.

Client Sucess Team

Does it sometimes feel like technology is a foreign language? We strive to ensure we communicate clearly and effectively with clients in terms you understand. It feels good to know we are on the same page.

Our Ethos


We want to hear about our client’s goals, hopes and visions for their business growth. This allows us to collaborate openly and ensure you are successful in whatever your organization is trying to accomplish.


The future is in supporting existing systems and people while encouraging better business processes through efficient technology adoption. We continue our role as a trusted leader in IT support by saying “no” to current or prospective clients when there isn’t a fit.


Ask us about our client or employee tenure. We value building relationships that last.


Relationships are at the core of our company. We value relationships not only within the organization but with our clients. Our employees and clients are talented and interesting. Our clients’ unique needs are reflected in the diversity of our employees.

Introducing the Team

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

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