Cloud Solutions

Small Business Cloud Storage

The concept of The Cloud can be confusing, but have no fear. During the consultation phase, we answer common questions such as: Why should I store my data in the cloud? Can I store all of my data in the cloud? How come I can’t just use my on-premise servers? Answers vary from client-to-client and we will determine which storage services are best for you.

Office 365

Our engineers ensure your organization is getting the most out of Microsoft. We will work with you on your Office 365 migration. The service consists of a number of different products and services from Outlook to hosted services. Our expertise will help you get the most out of the applications and collaboration tools.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting Services

Despite popular opinion, not everything belongs in the cloud… at least not yet. We work with your priorities and needs to form a tailored cloud strategy to help reduce operational costs and drive business efficiency. We test the solutions internally before rolling out to clients. Let us be your guinea pigs.

What portion of your business could benefit from a move to the cloud?