Don't Be an Easy Target!

10 Quick Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security

At Generation IX, we have a system in place that pushes out critical security updates to all workstations on a regular basis to our clients. Additionally, we also perform regular maintenance on all servers, making sure they are fully patched as well.  We also have virus scanners on all workstations, mail filters, take regular backups of critical data, and have several layers of network security.

Hackers are lazy. They go after the lowest hanging fruit. Use the tips below, and don't be an easy target!

Unfortunately however, none of this is fail safe as hundreds of new threats are detected every day. This is a great opportunity to go over some best practices to stay safe.

10 Security Tips

1. NEVER click on internet links or download files from an email that you do not recognize. **This includes the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. **

2. Even if you do recognize the sender, make sure it’s an email you are expecting.

3. Always be wary of attachments in emails. Zip files are generally dangerous. Even some spreadsheets, Word documents, and PDFs can be dangerous. Some newer schemes pretend to be an e-sign document or Office 365 login.

4. If there’s any doubt, delete the email and send a separate email to the sender to verify its legitimacy. You can always recover the email from trash.

5. Any critical files should be stored on the network, and not on your local computer.  Network drives are backed up multiple times a day. This is a best practice anyway as laptops can get lost or stolen when travelling and hard drives can fail.

6. Always allow your computer updates to finish. We realize it can be a pain when you’re trying to leave for the day and updates are being applied, but always let them complete.

7. Whether at home or at work, always be vigilant with your web browsing, especially downloading files and software.

8. When you are away from your desk, always lock your screen. This is especially true when travelling or outside the office, but still a good habit to get into when at the office.

9. Never insert a USB drive unless you’re absolutely sure of the source.

10. When in doubt, feel free to ask us. We are here to help and have other tools at our disposal that can assist if there are any questions about suspicious activity.

Have questions about your network security?