Our 360 Approach


To ensure we meet the specific goals of your business, we provide solutions in every capacity so that we develop a thorough understanding of your organization and can intimately support your needs. By fully managing your technical infrastructure and assisting your people on a regular basis, we become your experts and begin to work the way that you do.

From full network design to everyday onsite and remote support, Generation IX provides 360 degree coverage to make sure that you stay protected and productive.


Your employees contribute to the uniqueness of your business, and that’s why it is invaluable for us to get to know them. By providing regular onsite support, we establish consistency with your team and cultivate a personal relationship.

By building this relationship we are able to react faster and provide more accurate solutions that meet the current need.


Ensuring the security of your business and maintaining the quality of your daily tools is what we do best. By implementing 24/7 monitoring systems and providing regular care to your machines, we make sure that your business stays resilient and productive.


Technology is constantly changing, so thoroughly understanding your options to successfully move your business in the right direction is extremely important. By overseeing your technical infrastructure and knowing the specific needs of your business, we proactively look for solutions that will increase your productivity and elevate your overall business goals.


Your financial success is extremely important to us and that is why we do our best to prepare for the future. Apart from advising you throughout the year, we also annually dive deep into your infrastructure and assess your growing needs.  We make sure that you receive the proper advisement for the coming year and know how to allocate your funds.